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Antique Lace Tea Party

This event is currently available only for private groups and individuals. Please contact us directly to discuss bookings. 

The duration of this event is approximately 2 hours.

This event provides the opportunity to sit as a group and enjoy a chatty ‘tea party’ whilst discussing the history of lace, and examining a wide variety of pieces of lace from Ann’s personal collection of antique laces.

 Antique Lace

Ann will be bringing a large bag full of items (at least 30 pieces) from her personal lace collection. She will be handing around the laces amongst the group for participants to view and carefully examine, whilst she gives an outline of the history of this fascinating craft.

Lace from the late 17th to the 20th century will be included. It’s a rare opportunity to see items of this age, without them being behind glass in a museum. Some of the pieces will be available to be carefully handled ( these are exquisite, historic items, most of which are between 100 to 350 years old), but some of the more fragile items will be passed around on cards.

Individual items may vary, but will include examples of laces such as:-

Brussels lace, English laces (including Honiton, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire laces). Irish laces. Maltese lace, White work embroideries, early Italian, French and Flemish laces including Alencon, Valenciennes and Mechlin, as well as Victorian ‘imitation’ and early machine laces.

Due to the nature of the event, most of the items will be small ‘study pieces’ - some of  them fragments, or incomplete works, with a few larger items. Click here to see some examples of the sort of fascinating and beautiful items Ann will typically be bringing along.


The tea party is a chance to chat about antique lace in general, ask any questions that have arisen from the items being handed around, or to chat with Ann about her experiences buying and selling antique textiles over the years.

Food and Beverages

The food offerings available at these events will vary according to the venue we will be using on a specific date. Normally there will be a traditional afternoon tea available ( booking at least 24 hours in advance is sometimes necessary for this, to ensure availability), plus the normal range of beverages. Please see specific listings for details of venue and of whether food and beverages are included in the ticket price, or may be purchased separately. 

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