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A few random details here of people and books that are sometimes mentioned on our textile tours.

Television Programmes

Once programmes are aired on British t.v. they can be found, for a few weeks normally, on ‘catch up’ websites (BBC iplayer for instance). After they are removed from here, it is sometimes possible to find clips (or even whole programmes ) on Youtube and similar sites. Search by name to see what is available. Below are 3 people to look out for-


Ruth Goodman

Historian, well known for programmes such as the Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy, Tudor Feast, Secrets of the Castle, and many more. Specialises in tv series where she, plus a couple of colleagues, live in historic environments for a period of time. These series cover many aspects of life - work, food etc but she quite often touches on costume, hairstyling, make up etc. She often suffers stoically through the rigours of living in primitive conditions for our education and entertainment.


Lucy Worsley

The ‘go-to’ girl for all things historical on British tv at the moment. She is the Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, working at Hampton Court Palace. Take a look at her website for details of her programmes and books.

An interesting mix of subjects, including a fascinating recreation of Queen Victoria’s wedding. Often spotted dressed up in historical costume in various scenes.


Amber Butchart

A fashion historian, with a recent television series.

A Stitch in Time, an interesting concept in which costume from various historical portraits were reconstructed.




Portrait of a Woman in Silk

Zara Anishanslin

An interesting look at the wonderful Spitalfields silk industry and its links to the New World.


The Lady and the Unicorn

Tracy Chevalier

A novel focusing on 15th century Flemish weavers. Nice details of the processes of production of the wonderful tapestries of the period.



William Morris

In addition to the collection of Morris items on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London is fortunate to have two interesting sites to visit.

Red House

Bexleyheath. About half an hour south of central London, by local train. Leaving the station it's about a 10 minute (quite direct) walk to the house. It's a lovely, atmospheric Arts and Crafts house, but with few furnishings. Well worth visiting, to soak up the atmosphere.


William Morris Gallery

This fascinating museum dedicated to William Morris,and located in his childhood home, is full of artefacts and interactive displays illustrating his life and works. The gallery can be reached by taking the Underground (Victoria Line) to its final northern stop, Walthamstow Central. It is then a 15 minute walk to the museum. Take a map, its not well signposted. The gallery also hosts regular exhibitions, in addition to its permanent displays. See my blog for some pictures of the May Morris exhibition, held there a while ago.  







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